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Hear me, Bet Me – Online Gambling Voice Recognition

Enveloped in a world of technology, why do we still need a keyboard to place our bets? In this edition of Online Casino Archives “Future of Online Gambling”, we delve into the odds of the microphone replacing the keyboard.

Coming soon - voice activated mobile gambling!

Voice recognition software has been around for decades. It was in the 1940’s when AT&T Bell Laboratories first developed a primitive device that could recognize human speech. Today, speech recognition software is used mostly in health care and the military. Health care providers dictate medical information into microphones and pilots change radio frequencies and other routine commands.

Voice recognition has made steady strides to consumer markets in recent years. Both Windows and Mac OS operating systems come with speech recognition software built-in – though most computer users don’t know they exist.

In the mobile world, iPhone has the edge when it comes to speech recognition. The iPhone S4, released only a few months ago, has the most advanced speech recognition capabilities ever to hit the market. “Siri” is iPhone’s automated voice control system. iPhone users can say, “What is the weather going to be like” and see or hear responses on their smartphone. Apple is promoting Siri as making iPhone use easier for people to use while exercising, driving or when they have their hands full. If voice recognition is to go mainstream, Apple will likely be the early innovator who brings it to the masses.

How would speech recognition affect the online gamer?

Instead of sitting in front of the screen and typing, gamers could buy an inexpensive wireless headset and walk around their home or office. Placing a bet would start with a password. Here’s how it could work:

“My password is 123456 and I would like to bet $100 on the Giants for tomorrow’s Super Bowl.”

Slot machines and scratch cards would work like this – “Bet $10 on each pay line, all 20 pay lines. Spin.”

Voice recognition and card games are a natural fit. Words like “hold, stay, double down” would be easier spoken than typed. Best of all, online gamblers wouldn’t be stuck in the chair. Online gambling will be a healthier activity when gamblers will be able to place bets while on a beach walk. Mobile voice recognition gambling for the win!

OCA News Editor