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Cowboys & Aliens comes to Playtech Online Casinos

Playtech has signed a licensing deal with Platinum Studios to convert the bestselling comic Cowboys & Aliens into a slot game. Platinum Studios is an entertainment company which hold the rights to over 5,000 comic book characters which it frequently adopts into various forms of entertainment media.

Playtech have signed a new licensing agreement which will allow them to turn the hit film Cowboys & Aliens into an exciting new online slots game.

The first stage of the deal will see Playtech develop and launch a Cowboys & Aliens slot game which will be built around the characters from the New York Times graphic novel. Playtech is hoping to further the success they have had with a number of Marvel Comics games. At present they are planning a full launch of the product for summer of next year and hope to see the game become available at a number of gaming sites across the world.

Cowboys & Aliens tells the story of an alien invasion in the nineteenth century. The film rights were licenced to Dreamworks and a film was released internationally last year grossing over $170 million. The DVD and Blue-ray release is coming soon and also expected to make large amounts of money.

The CEO of Platinum Studios and creator of Cowboys & Aliens, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, said that it is the first time that they have ventured into gaming. He went onto say that he is “looking forward to people playing Cowboys & Aliens slots from their living room”.

Sagi Harari, the Head of Content at Playtech said that they are very excited about creating the new game. He thinks that it will “fit in well with our existing branded game portfolio since it is instantly recognisable due to the great success of the movie”. He believes that it has great potential to be a visually impressive game and that it will be in high demand from both fans and regular casino players.

OCA News Editor