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Yasino Creates Social Casino Games

This month the second annual London Social Gaming Summit is taking place with the aim of bringing together the worlds of gaming and social networking. At present games are hugely popular across social networks and many game developers are now looking into how they can make their games more ‘social’.

A new company, Yasino, is aiming to create a new world of social casino gaming.

One such company is Yazino, a UK based start-up which has created a ‘social casino’. The CEO, Hussein Chahine, has a vision of people competing and chatting in real time right across the web, iOS and Android devices. Yazino started from a simple idea, to take the engaging social aspects of poker and try and integrate them across the rest of the gambling industry.

To date the company have developed seven classic casino games with the real-time competition found in poker. All the company’s games can be found on Facebook and are already proving to be a hit with users. Yazino is also planning on allowing players to create communities, for instance a group who all play one game could create their own sub group which would have leader boards, live chats and of course live gameplay making the whole experience far more ‘social’.
Yazino games can be enjoyed for free thanks to offers which provide chips on a daily basis. Chahine thinks that it is a great advantage to social gaming that online gambling is banned in the U.S. For instance if PokerStars had access to Facebook then, according to Chahine, they would most likely have dominated and a company such as Zynga wouldn’t have stood a chance.

Chahine is not worried about playing for money, he thinks that when people play together their “emotions are heightened, It’s more amplified, it’s more real and we become more competitive.” Ultimatley he thinks it is these factors which will lead to the company’s success.

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