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Two exciting gaming releases for Android based devices

This week Cantor Gaming and Microgaming, two major gaming operators, both announced new applications for Android based devices. The new applications are expected to bring their products to an even larger customer base and greatly improve the customer experience.

Cantor Gaming and Mircrogaming have both released exciting new Android gambling applications.

The application launched by Cantor Gaming, one of Nevada’s leading sports and race book operators, is fully compliant with Nevada Gaming Control Board regulations and has been designed so that it will only work within the state of Nevada.
The CEO and President of Cantor Gaming, Lee M. Amaitis, has said that Cantor aims to “enhance our customers’ experience through innovative, superior technology.” He said that the new application is real-time convenient and great fun whilst being extremely secure. Alongside the launch of the new product Cantor Gaming is running a promotion where customers can receive a free Android device or buy one at a discounted price. The promotion is open to customers at a number of Nevada based gambling institutions and further details are available on the Cantor website.

Microgaming has launched Android Air which is available on all Android tablets and smartphones. The new platform comes with a starter package of eight of their top casino games and there are plans to release at least 20 more in the next two months.

Microgaming has followed the model of their Viper casino software, new games will be automatically downloaded and the application is connection state aware so that customers may choose whether to do this via Wi-Fi or 3G.
The games are accessed through a well-designed user-friendly lobby and the registration and banking sections have also been fully redesigned. There have been major upgrades to their underlying architecture so that the connection now links directly to the gaming server. This means that Microgaming’s huge set of acquisition and retention tools are all available.

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