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Facebook casino games continue to rise in popularity

Last month saw Zynga’s ‘Texas Holdem Poker’ become the third fastest growing Facebook game according to the number of new active users. This trend is expected to continue as Zynga prepare to release a bingo game as well as a number of other casino titles.

Last month two casino games were amongst the ten fastest growing games on Facebook.

The growth in popularity of the game may primarily be due to the large marketing campaign launched by Zynga, they have been advertising on major websites such as over the last weekend. Clearly the adverts are working as over the last month the game has attracted a further half a million players bringing the total to 29.8 million.

Position 10 on the list also goes to a casino game by DoubleDown Interactive called ‘DoubleDown Casino’. The game has attracted 200,000 users over the last month bringing the total number of players to 3.7 million.

Outside of the world of poker it seems that bubble and puzzle games are also soaring in popularity. Favourites such as ‘Diamond Dash’ and ‘Bubble Island’ have attracted even more users whilst’s ‘Bubble Saga’ game has climbed into the top ten along with their ‘Bubble Witch Saga’ which is currently in second place on the list having attracted 566,980 more players. Over the last week GameDuell’s ‘Bubble Speed’ has attracted 200,000 placing it at number eight.

Aside from holding third place with their ‘Texas Holdem Poker’game, Zynga has also managed to top the list of fastest growing games with ‘Mafia Wars 2’. Having launched just three weeks ago it has already attracted 12.2 million users. At the other end of the chart, the ever popular ‘PetVille’ is in ninth position with 200,000 new users.

OCA News Editor