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Gamers now have inside knowledge on choosing online casino

In the past, online gamers who wanted a bit of an edge could fain any number of casino ranking systems. The trouble was, these systems were often provided by the casinos themselves. They might have provided a lot of useful information, but it wasn’t likely very objective. But now has come out with a system that is useful and objective. Called CasinoRank, the system is based on computerized algorithms to show gamers which online casinos are best for them.

Gamers can get objective, reliable and useful data about online casinos with CasinoRank from award winning portal

This system wasn’t created overnight. It was in development for quite a while as the award-winning worked to perfect the system to give gamers information they found most useful. This is the crux of what CasinoRank does, and it does it without the typical bias of the ranking lists of the past.

While researching what data players valued most, learned that gamers take into account a great deal of information before settling on a particular online casino. However, the information sought is not always evaluated equally. This means that some factors were more important to gamers than other factors. As the company discovered, players find payout times and support capability to be crucial while some points were less likely to be draws. Less important features were Flash-based sites, multi-language capability, and the number of available funding options.

Since the market changes constantly, decided it needed a way to update information often. To allow for this, they will run the CasinoRank algorithm on a monthly basis, adding in additional information, such as complaints; this will let them update the data and provide a valuable ranking as often as necessary. has been on the scene since 2005 providing exceptional service, news and updates to its readers.

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