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Latest figures for BC Lottery Corp suggest that over 3,000 people a day are trying to access the state-owned website. The corporation has therefore made the decision to launch applications for smartphones and tablet computers which will provide its customers with a much more user-friendly service and a request for companies to design the apps has been made. announces plans to introduce mobile gaming application to allow its customers better access to the site

Not everyone has welcomed the news however, with critics suggesting that instead of wanting to improve its service, the corporation is in fact aiming to solicit more revenue from young people, who are more likely to use the new app on mobile devises such as iPhones, Blackberry’s and iPads.

Chief executive Michael Graydon however remains insistent that the app will benefit their customers: “They want to do things like load their wallets for, buy lottery tickets, check numbers and those types of things, and, to be honest, it’s a bit clunky in the format it is on mobile,” he said. “This will just clean it up, so it’s a much more effective execution for customers.”

Gambling policy expert at Douglas College in Vancouver Colin Campbell, criticised the plans, remarking, “The lottery corporation is very astute in knowing its market and its consumers, and Internet gaming and now mobile gaming is a deliberate effort to capture the youth market.”

There will be precautions in place to prevent under-age and vulnerable people making use of the app. It will require a account, which means verifying your age and password. The corporation said people who are on its self-exclusion program for problem gamblers will not be able to use the app.

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