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Platinum Play Australia Launches Isis Sequel Slot

Slots enthusiasts have welcomed the launch of a brand new slot game this month following the release of Multi-Player Isis. The video slot machine, which is already being hailed as a worthy sequel to the existing popular Isis title, has now gone live at the Platinum Play Australia Casino much to the enthusiasm of crowds throughout the country. Featuring a total of forty paylines and five reels, the game arrives with a range of special features including free spins, multipliers, wilds and scatters galore.

The Platinum Play Australia Casino has released its new multi-Player Isis video slot much to the excitement of crowds.

Software developers, meanwhile, are promising access to a totally new kind of gaming experience guaranteed to get hearts racing all over the world. Gamers will be able to watch other online players whilst they spin the reels – adding an exciting twist to an already adrenaline fuelled encounter.

In addition, all players will proceed to the bonus round in the event that an individual triggers the special feature in the room. This will not only give them the opportunity to lap up additional thrills but will also allow them to get their hands on the top jackpot worth a truly astounding 1,250,000 coins.

If that weren’t enough, Multiplayer Isis takes its inspiration from the world of Egyptian mythology and contains a selection of symbols including knoptic vases, amulets, mysterious eyes and plenty more besides. Filled with state of the art graphics and some truly stunning payouts, this is one online title that no one can afford to miss this 2011. Check out the online casino without delay for your chance to interact with a virtual online gaming community like never before.

OCA News Editor