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Nevada Poised to Introduce Mobile Gaming

The state of Nevada made headlines this week after pushing ahead with plans to introduce mobile gaming to the region. Whilst ministers located throughout the US continue to revise the terms of existing gambling legislation, Las Vegas Casinos are hoping to see their patrons access a range of additional services within the comfort of their hotel rooms. Representatives of the Gaming Control Board hosted an official workshop this week in an attempt to provide an overview of laws passed earlier in the year. Officials and professionals addressed a number of critical issues in what is proving to be one of the most significant gaming developments of the year so far.

Nevada is preparing to host a public hearing on the introduction of mobile gaming technology to the region.

Professionals were particularly keen to allay common fears relating to children. Many expressed concern that younger players would be able to get hold of gaming devices and participate in adult titles. The Gaming Control Board has said that such devices will be kept away from top attractions such as arcades and swimming pools – areas which are particularly popular amongst members of the younger generation.

Meanwhile industry experts have stressed that the introduction of mobile gaming will play a pivotal role in establishing the region’s prominence in the market. Economists have noted that Las Vegas has felt the effects of the economic recession all too keenly – a context which makes the search for additional revenue more important than ever. A public hearing on the issue is scheduled to take place on 22 September later this year. Members of the public will be given the chance to share their views on the introduction of the new technology.

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