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eCOGRA provides the benchmark for savvy online gamers

Latest figures from the online casinos’ independent self-regulating body eCOGRA prove what the majority of online players have known for some time: that an eCOGRA accreditation is a mark of site’s integrity and commitment to fair play. It currently oversees 145 online gambling sites which have been awarded the seal and ensures that each one reaches its high standards.

This is a great advantage to someone stepping into the world of online gaming for the first time – knowing which site you can trust your cash with is a huge bonus, and allows players to concentrate on hunting down their favourite game.

Players at online casinos continue to choose sites that carry the eCOGRA seal, awarded for integrity and fair play

But perhaps more importantly, gamers who play at accredited sites can gain access to eCOGRA’s free dispute resolution service. This service handles complaints ranging across all topics, but the biggest issues facing online customers were cash-in problems, bonus issues and locked accounts. In total, the Fair Gaming Advocate at eCOGRA handled 358 legitimate claims, which is an average of 13 complaints per week.

Most of these were resolved within just 72 hours, with eCOGRA siding with the casinos in just 60% of the cases it handled, proving that the customer is getting a fair hearing from the independent body. eCOGRA also works with the online operators to ensure that the small minority of players who are out to cheat the system are identified. eCOGRA Fair Gamin Advocate Tex Rees said, “”This small category of players has become more creative in their tactics, but the operators have developed correspondingly improved methods to identify and then lock them out”, ensuring that the actions of the few don’t ruin the fun for everyone else.

OCA News Editor