Click Now! Set to Revolutionise Online Verification Process

The gaming industry has welcomed the arrival of – a new service designed to assist the verification process between gaming sites and their customers. The brainchild of Player Verify, the new release is intended to alleviate many of the difficulties which have plagued consumers and operators when they sign up for online accounts.

The launch of will assist the verification process between online operators and customers, say developers.

The new system, which has already received considerable praise, will allow players to upload their hard documents onto a single portal – bypassing the need to store date on multiple servers and computers. The service will then allow specific operators to access information via a unique access code determined by the casino player himself. In addition, gives players the chance to monitor exactly who is viewing their documents as well as real time access to their approval status. Such features offer an additional level of security by giving customers the chance to raise the alarm in the event of any suspicious or unauthorized activity. It is thought that such technology will ease the job of gaming operators who will no longer have to wade through hard copies of personal data sent via email or fax. They will also be able to solicit further information if and when it is required.

Commenting on the service, Player Verify’s Mark Dalton said that the system could look set revolutionise the industry for good. “With our secure system players simply login, upload their documents and send a request to the gaming site for ID document approval.” He went on to say that both players and gaming sites could rest assured that personal information would remain absolutely private.

OCA News Editor