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MicroGaming Unveils Two New Gaming Titles

The leading software developer MicroGaming has been grabbing the attention of the gaming community this month with the addition of new games to its existing portfolio. This July witnesses the arrival of two fresh titles from the company – releases which have already aroused the interest of avid players across the internet. The two titles in question, known as Hexaline and Multiplayer Roulette, will be available to gamers via the MicroGaming flash platform as well as through the brand’s Quickfire service.

Gaming enthusiasts have welcomed the arrival of MicroGaming’s Hexaline slot machine and Multiplayer Premier Roulette.

Hexaline is an “alternative” style slot machine featuring a coloured honeycomb grid. The challenge is create a complete chain of hexagons in order to trigger a payout. Winning blocks are then replaced by new shapes enabling fresh combinations.

The title also arrives complete with a Gold Trail Bonus game which is triggered by the arrival of three or more bonus symbols. Players are asked to select hexagons as they move across the grid whilst chasing the End Bonus Symbol.

Multi Player Premier Roulette, meanwhile, represents the third multiplayer game in the MicroGaming suite. Allowing customers to play alongside other players, the Diamond Edition asks participants to place their bet within a limited time frame – making for a fast paced social experience like no other. With 20, 40 and 60 second tables to choose from, there’s no doubt that the title will be taking the world by storm this July 2011. With so much on offer, it’s clear that MicroGaming looks set to secure its reputation as one of the most riveting and innovative software developers around. Slots and Roulette lovers will be very excited indeed as they flock to the online casinos to try their luck for themselves.

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