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Samsung to Upgrade Galaxy S II

The latest rumours suggest that Samsung could be about to launch a new upgraded version of its flagship smartphone.

Mobile gamers could be in for a treat this autumn after fresh rumours emerged of an imminent release from the mobile giant Samsung. The latest reports indicate that the corporation could be about to launch an upgraded version of its Galaxy S II and there are even hints that the model could be available as early as September of this year.

Imminent release from the mobile giant Samsung

Many have suggested that the renovation is an attempt to compete with the iPhone 5 which is due to arrive on shelves within months. The possibility of two rival models has already generated tremendous excitement amongst consumers and members of the gaming community at large.

The new release, an updated version of the company’s flagship smartphone, is said to sport a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. The renovation promises to boost the gaming experience with increased speeds facilitating even faster running games for users. Although the GPU (Mali-400MP) and 1GB of RAM look set to remain unchanged, experts are speculating as to whether the company will also upgrade its Exynos SoC. The changes will, they say, arrive in either a NFC-capable edition of the Galaxy S II or a version of the existing smartphone.

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