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Play Slots with Scratch Cards on Your PC!

Now you can buy a scratch card from your favorite casino and play the slots in the comfort of your home on your own PC! It seems too good to be true but that is exactly what GameLogic has now launched into the market.

John Taylor of GameLogic says that it is about time that casinos fully embrace the internet and not just use it as a “giant billboard” or to take reservations. The scratch card is designed to do just that. Not only will internet gamblers be able to gamble legally on the internet but they will also be visiting a land casino website to do so.

The system is called PlayAway. Because playing the slots online is illegal in the US, no money changes hands on the internet. If a player wins online, he has to return to the casino where he purchased the scratch card to collect his winnings. A player can also win credits to play the slots in the casino, once again he has to return to the casino to collect his credits. The system is designed so that the casino can increase its customer base and customers can benefit from loyalty awards just as if they were playing slots at the land casino.

The marketing manager of Santa Ana Star Casino, Chris Archunde says the casino is very pleased with the response to the PlayAway system, the casino gave promotional coupons away during a bowling convention and a whopping 30% showed up and played slots at the casino.

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