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Lucky 7 patents for casino technology innovator PokerTek

Most visitors to casinos like Atlantic City’s Trump Plaza and Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas have played on PokerTek’s PokerPro system. Now PokerTek has been granted seven more patents on table and gameplay features like centre console, ways to obscure playing cards, electronic card tournaments and game administrator tools. Some casino workers are less than happy with all this new casino technology saying that it threatens job prospects for traditional table dealers.

However, some casino workers have criticised the machines, claiming they are a threat to the employment prospects of traditional table dealers. Worldwide, PokerTek has more than 237 PokerPro tables installed. There are also about 60 casinos on cruise ships that also have their tables.
The granting of these patents comes after the lawsuit filed by Lightning Poker against PokerTek was dropped. Lightning Poker Inc, a subsidiary of Lightning Gaming Inc, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against PokerTek.

Lightning Poker claimed that PokerTek was infringing on United States Patent No 7,306,516 which is owned by Lightning Poker. Lightning Poker said it was a wilful infringement of their intellectual property. Brian Haveson, president and CEO of Lightning Poker said that PokerTek exploited innovations covered in their patent, he further said that Lightning Poker is a pioneer in automated poker with millions of dollars of investment in research and development.

Terms of the settlement between PokerTek and Lightning Gaming remains confidential, but part of it is that both have dropped existing lawsuits between them. PokerTek has not suffered any financial losses as a result of the lawsuit.

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