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Spin3 online casino services go mobile in Latin America

Online casinos are huge in South America and mobile gambling is the next wave. Spin3 has said that they are very excited about the prospect in a land filled with opportunity. The turnkey solution, GameWire comes as a full package with mobile online casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and the progressive jackpot game, Major Millions.

The first commercial mobile games for the iPhone will also be introduced to South America by Spin3. iPhone’s web browser enables the user to access instant-play games with advanced graphics and features without the need to download and install games as you would have to when entering an online casino.

OnCash, another of Spin3’s products, allows mobile online casino players to buy credits at a physical location. Any winnings has to be claimed at a land-based casino. This is the bridge that is needed between land-based casinos and mobile online casinos. This unique package will allow land casinos to extend their loyalty programmes to online casino players and will also increase their revenues.

Mobile online casinos has taken internet gaming one step further, you can now literally play at the casino anywhere, anytime.

OCA News Editor