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Frontline defense for online casinos from Alea/Mobiclear alliance

In an ever intensifying race to secure online casinos against fraud, Avea Network has contracted the services of Mobiclear Inc. Mobiclear Inc is the owner of a rights-pending personal identity certification product which aims to eliminate credit card fraud as well as prevent players from gaming in jurisdictions where it is not legal.

Alea Network is an online casino sites operator which was founded in 2005 by some international entrepreneurs. It offers a full gaming portfolio with advanced graphics for sites like and amongst others. Anders Andersson, President of Alea said that the company has become increasingly concerned with the security of personal information on site account and also wanted to play a role in preventing fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling. Alea’s success is based in main upon the fact that their user interface and proprietary software is extremely light making it easy to integrate with other software.

Mobiclear’s real-time ID verification system will ensure that online casinos only accept legitimate transactions from legitimate sources. Stephen P Cutler, CEO for Mobiclear, declared that they are delighted to assist Alea with this and are confident that Mobiclear can provide the extra security needed and to stop fraud in the lucrative online casino industry.

Alea’s sterling reputation will be augmented by the addition of Mobiclear Inc’s top notch Personal Identification Verification system. Their range of products includes solutions to fraud in all electronic transactions including telephonic and internet transactions.

OCA News Editor