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TrillionPoker shows online gambling software developer who is Boss

In a remarkable turn of events, the Maltese gambling authority has ordered Boss Media to shut down its servers in Malta on September 18. It all started when the Sweden-based online gambling software developer, Boss Media kicked TrillionPoker off its network for “rake back violations”.

TrillionPoker has sought to tarnish the reputation of Boss Media and it seems they have succeeded in their aim to cause damage to the online gambling software developer. It is no longer just a court case but a very ugly vendetta. TrillionPoker originally appealed to the Maltese authorities for damages in the amount of €5 million but upped it to €20 million.

Judge Gino Camilleri has not allowed for any appeal by the online gambling software developer so the ruling cannot be overturned. It was not expected that the court would go this far although Malta’s gambling authority is notorious for being one of the strictest online gambling licensing and regulatory bodies in the world. Boss Media itself was telling its players that there would be no interruption of their Malta operations.

The online gambling software giant has assured players that their operations will not be stopped and assets will not be frozen. TrillionPoker has been doing its best to gainsay this in an attempt to discredit Boss Media but all the players assets have been put under the control of the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority so it cannot be seized by any court.

Boss Media has not responded regarding the claim that its operations in Malta will be halted. TrillionPoker is seeking to halt all of Boss Media’s operations across Europe. The online gambling software developer will definitely not be taking this lying down.

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