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Online gaming operator, AsianLogic in league with Webscreen Technology

DDoS has become a major threat to e-commerce business like online gaming, these businesses rely on internet connectivity to conduct their business. Website downtime or lack of performance impacts revenues, customer turnover and ultimately the reputation of the company. Bayview Technologies, the IT services provider behind AsianLogic, an online gaming operation, have signed a contract with Webscreen Technology.

Webscreen Technology is a UK-based company that developed anti-distributed denial of services software.

The biggest and best in online gaming operators are already using this advanced technology in order to prevent their websites from being taken offline by hackers. These attacks are usually timed to happen when there are major traffic on the website due to sports events or other heavy betting sessions, the aim is to cause loss of income.

Itamar Shamshins, Chief Technology Officer for AsianLogic said that his company decided to use the services of Webscreen because of its excellent reputation and proven capabilities. Webscreen automatically track and bloct attack traffic and the company also provide 24 hour hardware and software support.

The software’s reporting capability is particularly impressive, users can track small daily events and deny access to potential hackers thereby keeping the site safe from a full scale attack. The online gaming provider is particularly pleased that Webscreen will act as prevention against attack and as mitigator if an attack should take place. Thus assuring the online gaming operator of a maximum level of protection and a prepared team of software technicians a phone call away, should anything go wrong.

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