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Anti-cheating Technologies in casino doomed to expensive failure?

Richard Marcus, self professed casino cheat has been very critical of the effectiveness of most anti-cheating technologies used in casinos, including RFID and facial recognition, according to him, these technologies are doomed to expensive failure. Marcus said that casinos are making an expensive mistake by backing technology to discover cheats.

Most cheats do get caught but not due to surveillance technology, they are caught because they are over-exposed and do stupid things. Marcus himself has never been convicted of any crime. He says that he has more or less retired and believes that even now, with advanced technology in place, he will still make his move pay off in the casino.

Cheats remain a major problem for most casinos despite the best and most advanced technology at their disposal. Marcus is rumoured to have scammed close to $5 million from casinos in Las Vegas, New Jersey and elsewhere in the world. He relied mostly on sleight of hand, the switching of high denomination chips for lower value chips in a winning bet. He and his team used pastposting, eg, replacing three black $100 chips with two brown $5,000 chips beneath one single black chip. A $300 investment reaps a handsome payout of $10,000 plus.

Technology it seems still have a long way to go before it gets smarter than an inventive human.

OCA News Editor