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Probability Casino Gambling Link to be Pre-installed in 3 Mobiles

A new license agreement has been signed between Hutchison 3G UK and mobile casino gambling service provider, Probability. According to the agreement, this year approximately 2 million new mobile handsets in the UK will be preinstalled with a direct link to Probability’s mobile casino gambling service, Ladyluck’s. The branded link will appear as an icon in either the games or applications sections of the phones, and can be accessed by connecting to the internet.

Probability’s mobile phone technology has been developed to generate an impressive portfolio of casino games. Users of this service can register to Probability and play a wide range of mobile casino games including Bingo, slots, and many other casino favorites immediately, simply by clicking on the icon.

The Chief Executive Officer of Probability, Charles Cohen, told the press that the agreement “is a tremendous deal” for the company. He explained that the 2 million handsets that will be preinstalled with their casino gambling link represent about half of the present UK client base for 3. Similarly, the link will provide customers with an exclusive opportunity to access this advanced casino gambling technology.

The new phones are expected to be released into the market during the second quarter of 2008. They will be available to anyone who decides to join the 3 network, as well as all existing 3 customers who are interested in upgrading their mobile phone packages.

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