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UK Casinos Features New Blackjack Game

Gypsy King Software has released a new version 1.3.0 of its Blackjack Gold, and this UK casinos software game is being introduced all over the country this very instant. The new version is said to allow OS X Leopard users to enjoy the game as well as all the usual players. The game allows for a real casino atmosphere experience, and any player will feel as if he is playing at any UK casinos. The game can either be purchased or a free Lite version can be downloaded at company’s website.

The look a like UK casinos game, Blackjack Gold, features a full blackjack game with all the right options to give the player the feel of being at one of the real UK casinos. Animations, a genuine blackjack dealer’s voice, keyboard shortcuts, over 80 different card back images, and many blackjack variations offer a full-fledged UK casinos experience, but from your own computer at home. The game is highly customizable and you will be able to put together your taste of blackjack game all by yourself.

The new version offers many blackjack variants, and provides you with just as many opportunities ad if you were playing at any UK casinos. It is possible to choose from Spanish 21, Super Sevens, Double Exposure, European Blackjack, Over Under 13 and the blackjack wheel. In addition you can choose from many different casino conditions, as well as several card counting systems and so forth. The new version shows a great potential, and is worth investing in for all blackjack enthusiasts.

OCA News Editor