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Test of casino online by MIT team

If you have ever been worried about playing casino online, BackgammonMasters now ease these worries by letting an independent blackjack testing team test their new software. The gambling site is inspired by the movie “21”, in which a MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) blackjack card reading team beats Las Vegas casinos at their own game. Now BackgammonMasters wants to ensure that their latest blackjack software can stand the test of a professional casino online testing team.

The MIT casino online testing team will not only be testing the new blackjack software platform. They will also have to test the new Basic Blackjack Calculator. The Basic Blackjack Calculator helps increase odds for the players, and can even help the card counting players. Furthermore, the team will have to test the online standards for random shuffle, the number of decks and the research put into designing the new casino online platform.

Next time you choose to play casino online at BackgammonMasters, you can do it with your mind at ease. Nothing is left unturned by the professional testing team, and the new blackjack platform is sure to be operating in a 100 % random and legal manner. The new platform will offer you blackjack tournaments as well as the option of joining a five person table. If you also want to contribute to testing the casino online, you are invited to join the casino and give your comments on the new blackjack platform. Fair bonuses are offered for players who join and bring their friends to test the platform as well.

OCA News Editor