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New Casino Games Online By 888 and Integrated CXTM

The world renowned 888 Holdings Plc has just signed a strategic agreement with the Latvian subsidiary of Com-Tec-Co, CTXM SIA, to integrate and release a series of CTXM casino games online via the white label partners of CTXN currently provides fixed odds casino games online, as well as payment and end to end gaming platforms to leading online gaming brands. CTXM also offers game development for casual games productions, the video gaming industry, and even the Microsoft Xbox Live Console.

Together, CTXM and 888 Holdings plan to release an entire suite of customized casino games online via an integrated platform between and CTXM’s White Label. To be released for a fixed period of time, the initial suite will include game such as Wild Wheel and Cards High Low, and will be designed to attract the companies’ individual markets as opposed to a world-wide appeal.

The Senior Vice President and Head of Offering for 888, Gabi Campos, explained that the special integration platform belonging to 888 was specially designed for the purpose of enabling 3rd party support systems for its partners and customers. As such, it will allow CTXM to rapidly connect to 888 and its services and deliver the casino games online in the most comfortable and efficient way possible.

The move has been made closely after closing a similar agreement between 888 and the Australian NextGen to integrate their platforms and extend the casino games online offering by 3rd part companies.

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