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Cryptologic a Stock-Leading Online Casino Software Developer

The world leading financial news magazine, Motley Fool, has named the Cryptologic online casino software as one of the top growth stocks for the next 5 years. Cryptologic provides software that powers many of the industry’s leading online casino companies, and Motley Fool has predicted that it will see a 30 to 40 percent growth within the 5 year period ahead. Indeed, only this last week Cryptologic announced the results of its 4th quarter revenues per share (EPS), which had tripled to $4.3 million net income for #0.36 per share alone. This was more than a 50 percent increase since the previous 4th quarter of 2006.

Cryptologic is one of the few online casino software development companies that have survived the rough economic times consistently since the industry was first established. Its steady income will prove very promising if the UIGEA is overturned in the near future, which would legalize online casino gambling in the States and thereby open the company’s doors to a huge new market. Cryptologic was once the leading online casino software provider for American audiences.

According to Lee Rockwell from Online Casino Sphere, “If big name players like Cryptologic are allowed to re-enter the US market, they could easily steam roll past 30 to 40 percent growth estimates.”

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