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UK Online Casinos Receive Professional Responsible Gambling Training

The Online Gambling Regulation And Assurance company eCOGRA, has teamed up with UK problem gambling charity GamCare, to train over 40 managers of UK online casinos in London last week on responsible gaming and how to identify and deal with problem gamblers.

The 2 companies together provided a comprehensive and practical approach to handling problem gambling, over a 2 day intensive training period for the UK online casinos managers. The course was comprised of exclusive lectures, interactive training exercises, studies of case histories, and expert GamCare officials to supervise the interactive sections of the course. Andrew Poole and Amy Webster were those who took part. The topics learnt by the managers of the various UK online casinos included all relevant aspects of responsible online gambling, as well as the respected principles esrablished by eCOGRA for handling this kind of management, known as the “safe and fair” gambling standards.

According to the former Chief Inspector of the UK Gaming Board, eCOGRA and the GamCare Trustee, now Director Bill Galston, a professional and coherent UK online casinos responsible gambling program is crucial “for both humanitarian and ethical reasons – and to correct adverse misperceptions by some – a comprehensive responsible gambling policy is a critical investment for any online gambling operation.”

Experienced managers of major European and UK online casinos were also featured in the course in order to provide experience based knowledge along-sie the practical requirements provided by eCOGRA. Galston explained that this was “such a valuable two way exchange of knowledge.”

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