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Bell Fruit Machine Games Now Going Mobile

Many online casino favorites have been converted to mobile platform variations with great success in the past few months. Yet the latest industry release is mobile fruit machines games, now being made possible by Cometa Wireless and the UK Company, Bell Fruit Games.

The release of BFG’s mobile fruit machine games is expected to be set for mid to late 2008.

The partnership agreement signed between Cometa Wireless and Bell Fruit Games (BFG) will see the launch of “Happy Fruits”, one of the world’s most beloved land-based fruit machine games, be transformed into a mobile gaming version that will be available to all.

Aside from being one of the most internationally popular fruit machine games, Happy Fruits is also a well respected gaming brand, and will be a good stepping stone for BFG to getting its foot in the mobile gambling industry door. As such, it is assumed that if the move is followed by success, BFG will release mobile versions of its other fruit machine games.
Happy Fruits will be based on the Arcadia technology that was patented by Cometa, and is known for providing a secure, convenient, and reliable platform for mobile casino games. The release of BFG’s mobile fruit machine games is expected to be set for mid to late 2008.

According to Mick Lee of BFG, converting the company’s fruit machine games to mobile versions for the Cometa platform will be highly successful, as it will entail a “winning combination” of mobile industry expertise and expert design skills for fruit machine games. BFG has been designing fruit machines games of all kinds for over 40 years.

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