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Spin3 Reveals Play-For-Real Online Casino Games Pack

Spin3, the world’s leading mobile gaming technology developer, has released its brand new Installation Pack for the SpinLite suite of stand alone and play for fun online casino games for cellular phones. Using this exclusive Installation Pack, end users of the Spin3 software will be able to play the ‘play for real’ variations of their favorite online casino games, whilst simultaneously allowing operators to benefit financially from a mobile casino and its strategic marketing.

Spin3 recently introduced the Installation Pack at the Barcelona World Mobile Congress for the first time. According to the presentation, it is to be used as a marketing tool for supplementing the GameWire play for real system currently on offer, which in turn will enable the launching of branded online casino games using a handy ‘convert to real’ option.
Once installed onto the mobile phone, end users will be able to play for real one of the 12 online casino games offered in the package. The move from play for fun to play for real mode by end users will provide operators an effective means for the strategic marketing of an online casino, or individual online casino games.

According to the CEO of Spin3, Matt Zinder, the Installation Pack guides operators through the process of customizing their online casino games to the mobile platform, with easy to follow, step by step instructions that allow the games’ colors, logo and brand to be loaded onto the ‘loading’ screen for future players within only 3 minutes.
“Spin3’s new SpinLite Installation Pack gives new and existing casino operators a quick and simple solution to establish and grow their casino brand,” he said.

OCA News Editor