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32Red Offers Exclusive Online Poker Software Technologies

UK owned 32Red has announced the launch of its brand new online poker software. With a range of exclusive features, they believe the new technology employed will bring about more entertaining online poker playing environments and increased interaction between players.

32Red Plc is responsible for operating 32Red Poker, and offers a wide scope of online poker and gambling products including award winning casinos, bingo services and sports betting. According to the company CEO, Ed Ware, “32Red PLC wants to be at the leading edge of e-gaming and the introduction of new poker software will ensure that 32Red Poker goes from strength to strength in 2008.”

32Red’s new online poker software has been developed by Microgaming and is designed to improve the online poker playing experience for all players. One of the new ways by which this will be achieved is a hand history record, which will allow a player to analyze each of his/her poker rounds and as such, learn their opponent’s tactics and improve their own online poker approach. Another of the exclusive features to be offered is the buddy system, whereby players can instantly locate their favorite competitors and create buddy lists.

One of the new online poker software’s main focuses is the personal player satisfaction. Now the players will be able to change virtually every aspect of their online experience, including everything from the carpet color to the avatar. Whilst the interface remains more or less unchanged, the game and graphics have also been greatly improved. Together these aspects are expected to create a leading software that excels all-round.

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