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Free Roulette Gambling Via Interactive New TV Game Shows

Pitch Entertainment, the UK’s gambling service provider for digital TV and online casinos, has announced the finalizing of a planned partnership with Two Way Gaming, to create a brand new British e-gaming brand to be called “Pitch Gaming”. According to the proposed agreement, Two Way Gaming will provide a casino website for, which will be accessible via an interactive TV game show on the Sky Platform called “Pitch Roulette”, offering free roulette gambling services.

Pitch roulette is designed to attract new customers to the website by offering them access to free roulette services at the site by simply switching on the telly at any time during the day or night. “We want to bring the thrill of the casino into people’s homes and let them take part in one of the great games from the comfort of their armchair,” said Guy Templer, Managing Director for Two Way Gaming. Templer further explained that free roulette is the most “natural” starting point for such a service, yet other games aside from fre roulette are also planned to be released following its launch via live TV game shows and an automated telephone system.

According to Anton Kaszubowski, CEO for Pitch Entertainment, the integration of the two mediums to offer free roulette services is the perfect way to combine accessibility with effective entertainment to anybody wanting to enter the world of online gambling.

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