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Automated Online Casino Poker Machines

The first version of poker was not a virtual one, of course. Poker has been around since ever and the virtual version of the game that we all know and love came to light with the interdiction of online casinos. The online gambling world has taken the classical way of gambling and brought it into the internet era. People with only a personal computer and an internet connection can enjoy poker playing and feel like they are playing at a land-based casino. Apparently, the transition that poker made from table playing to virtual playing has been so successful that the virtual version of the game might take over the tables.

The founder of Lighting Poker, Brain Haveson, was interviewed lately and asked about the automation of poker tables around the world. Virtual poker is so popular at online casino sites that land based casino owners started to look into the notion of placing automated poker machines inside their house casinos. It saves time, money and personnel – and it does so without taking anything away from the player and his experience. Haveson shed some information about the growing new industry and said that such automated machines are slowly finding their ways into major casinos across the United States and elsewhere.

Online gamblers that are used to play online find the machines much more intuitive than the regular version of the game. Without a real dealer, people find the experience to be more intimate and less stressing. The game of poker has found a new way to communicate with people. Instead of being the center of attention at the casino, it is offering a solid way to gamble on your own. As far as the online gambling industry is concerned, this is a wonderful thing. People who’ll find this kind of poker playing pleasing will surely enjoy the virtual version of the game, which this time is exactly the same.

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