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In-Flight Online Casino Gambling with JetBlue

Americans can’t really gamble at online casino sites, or at least that’s what the administration is telling them. So, what do you do when you can’t play video poker while sitting at home? You take your gambling to the sky! JetBlue announced that it will offer WiFi gambling services for flight passengers in the very near future. The services will use the internet and passengers will be able to enjoy online casino games while flying. Can’t play at home? Fine, we’ll play onboard. That’s the spirit. JetBlue isn’t the first company to announce an in-flight gambling plan and Americans might have a good chance of enjoying gambling during flights.

One of the services will include the ability to place halftime and other interactive wagers over games that will be televised through DirecTV. Just think about it! Instead of going crazy during flight – as flights aren’t the most interesting experiences – you could gamble over sporting events and make your flight much more exciting. During the next few weeks JetBlue will begin testing the new gambling system. Obviously, running such a platform while airborne isn’t that simple and the product will have to demonstrate a high level of endurance. JetBlue has teamed up with Yahoo! And RIM to bring passengers the first version of the system.

The company flies all over the United States and if the tests go as planned, Americans might have a new way for gambling online – taking a flight. Although some will say that it’s not really a comfortable – or affordable – way of gambling, if you happen to be taking a flight for a different reason, gambling might be the best way to entertain yourself on the way. Offering online casino games for passengers will surely make JetBlue highly popular amongst gambling fans. Just a few weeks ago the Germany giant Lufthansa announced the purchase of a stake in the company.

OCA News Editor