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Online Casino the 3D Way, The Right Way

Online casino software developers are constantly occupied in brings you the latest gambling technology. New games are released each month and new attractions are added to online casino all the time. This time, however, a major change is about to take place with Ladbrokes launching their first 3D Virtual Reality Poker. Customer of the popular online gambling firm will get the chance to experience and new gambling technology that merges two unique platforms, video gaming and online poker. Ladbrokes decided to take its existing poker service and inject some new cutting-edge technology into it.

What players get is an option to play at an online casino using an interface similar to other 3D-like products on the net. Customers are able to create a 3D ‘Avatar’ for their online casino needs. Each Avatar has physical characteristics and player can invent a virtual figure that will represent them at the online casino. “This is a major step in the convergence of video gaming technology and online gaming and we’re pleased to be the first leading poker site to go virtual,” said John O’Reilly, MD of Ladbrokes eGaming. The game was developed with Playwize, a United Kingdom company which developed games for gaming consoles such as the XBOX, Playstation 2 and the GameCube.

3D graphics are not the only technological lead this online casino is offering. Players will also be able to speak to one another using Voice-Over-IP technology. Such vivid and realistic online gambling has never been offered before, and it’s about time that the technology used at other parts of the gaming industry will be implemented into the online gambling world. Today, players are much more demanding, technology-wise and it’s wonderful to see that some online casinos are answering the players’ wishes.

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