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New Online Casino Payment Platform for Cash Settings

One of the major problems that online casino firms are dealing with in Asia is the fact that most countries in that region have a predominantly cash-based culture. People are simply not used to paying with their credit card or using virtual payment methods. Be it that online gambling is extensively based on this kind of payment options, it is hard attracting gamblers. However, Spin3, the mobile gambling association of turnkey provider Microgaming, has come up with a brilliant new platform that makes things easier for everyone. The new OnCash system empowers land-based casinos – or any other organization that works mainly works with cash – to branch their operation to the virtual realm.

The idea is simple but ingenious. People will play at a regular casino operation; however, they will not receive cash for their winnings. Instead gamblers will be awarded with credit to their online casino account or their mobile one. This way, people that do not use cash can play at online gambling sites, firms will be able to generate revenues, and a whole new world of options is open. “We identified this gap and recognized the potential a system such as OnCash offered to fill this void to make the deployment of interactive casino operations as quick and easy as possible so that these operations could take advantage of the lucrative opportunities available in interactive gaming,” said Matti Zinder, head of Spin3.

In a way, the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which bans financial companies from dealing with online gambling firms have made everyone in the industry aware of the payment options issue. Without a proper system that ensures players are able to pay for their gambling, the industry won’t be able to operate. Microgaming’s mobile partner has taken that notion seriously and OnCash has probably been influenced by it.

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