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New Online Casino Games Suit Up for Halloween

Halloween is upon us and there’s no better time to play at the online casinos! For one, the very spirit of Halloween takes the idea of winning or losing very seriously. You could either win treats at the online casino, or the site will surely play a trick on you. Secondly, one of the most popular turnkey providers, Microgaming, has decided to treat us with many new games for the holiday. As in every month, the company launches new games, only this time- they are all dressed with Halloween costumes.

The online casino game which heads this release is called Boogie Monsters. This colorful 40 pay-line, 5 reel video slot will surely make your holidays better. Any online casino fan knows that nothing beats the excitement you feel when playing a new game at the online casino, and when you have a special game for the holiday it just gets better! So, we have a new video slot game. What else you ask? Well, the next addition is an all Australian video slot game. This online casino game comes with a full gear Australian theme that will make plenty Aussie players happy. True, it’s not a holiday special theme, but it sure is fun! With a 5 reel, 9 pay-line slot game – you just can’t go wrong. And besides, flying Boomerangs are always nice to see.

Microgaming have additional releases that we won’t go over right now, but just know that they are out there and that you should keep your eye open for new options at your favorite online casino. The online gambling industry is known for its desire to party, and any occasion is a call for a new promotion, a new bonus, a new game, a new jackpot or all of the above! Costume or no costume, online casinos are a great place for treat or trick’ing!

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