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New Sequel for Hit Mobile Casino Game

We’ve been talking about mobile casino gambling for sometime, but the field is far from being new. One of the most popular games that was ever available in mobile form was Texas Hold ‘Em, of course. The game was released by Hands-On Mobile and now the company is about to release the sequel to the game! That’s right, “WPT Texas Hold ‘Em 2’ will hit the stores (or your mobile phone, to be precise) near you soon enough! Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most popular gambling games in history and surely the most popular way to play Poker. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be the most popular mobile casino game as well.

Developers say that the next version of the game will be the most advanced mobile game in the world today and that it is really revolutionary in many ways. With unprecedented web-to-wireless multiplayer features, an option for private table creation and customizing tools – the game will be a huge hit. This mobile casino gem will become available on mobile phones worldwide and support both RIM and Windows Mobile devices. This means more players can play it, which means more fun for everyone.

A very important thing for any new technology is for many people to be able to use it. When talking about gambling games like poker, it’s much more fun to play against other players and if those players can’t use the new technology, it’s bad. However, the new game is all good as it supports many of the popular systems and options. The first game was downloaded more than 6 million times, and the developers are building on its success. If the mobile sequel will be as good as the first installment, they have much to build on.

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