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New Casino Technology Rounding the Corner

Software and technology giant IBM announced last week that vast resources are put into a new project that deals with Virtual Worlds. The company wants to find a way for people to carry their virtual figure from one Virtual World to another making the internet an even smaller place. Currently, there are several virtual worlds operating on the internet with Second Life being the most popular one. Looking at the way online technology is advancing we can’t help thinking about the future of the online casino industry. As for now, gambling inside virtual worlds is still under constant debate.

FBI agents visited virtual casinos inside virtual worlds and inspected the way people are gambling at “real” land-based casinos inside unreal worlds. Putting aside the philosophical questions that the situation brings, the technology at hand can be very useful. Just think about the options that virtual worlds open for the online casino industry. People could visit a virtual Las Vegas and place bets as if they were standing near an actual roulette table. Gambling fans could “meet” new friends inside the virtual world and gamble with them, playing poker together or placing bets on virtual sporting events.

The legal frame for these kinds of scenarios is still unclear. However, online casino firms should prepare for the day when virtual worlds open their gates to the industry. Players would want to create a virtual figure for themselves and travel through virtual places looking for gambling houses, virtual sports events that would take place would be a wonderful topic to wager on, and the list goes on. As for now, the real issue revolves around money. If virtual gambling can translate into real world cash, authorities will stop it. If people find it interesting to gamble over virtual cash that can help them in the virtual world, things might workout easier.

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