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ID Verification for United Kingdom Online Casinos

The importance of a safe gambling environment begins to become apparent for United Kingdom gambling operators. Although new legislation from 2005 which allows online casinos to advertise their business using television campaigns came into effect lately, only several firms are able to do so. Online casino firms usually work under a gambling jurisdiction license. However, not all jurisdictions were given the green light by the British government. In an effort to portray a safe gambling environment, gambling groups are considering all kinds of different steps.

Two of Britain’s major gambling groups, for instance, have signed a deal with ID Checks Specialist GB Group. The latter deals with special online software that detects and checks users’ ID numbers. Implementing such technology into their online gambling systems, online casino operators can make sure that adolescence are kept away from the casino and that people with a gambling problem are also kept out. This is a positive step forward in the process of self regulation that the online casino industry is practicing. Converting the online gambling community into a controlled and regulated cyber space means that additional privileges will be given by the United Kingdom government and that more people will visit virtual casinos. After all, everyone likes a safe gaming environment.

GB Group’s product offers cutting edge protection through ID verification. Online gambling groups that offer such service are surely more responsible than others, or at least that’s what the firms are hoping to suggest. From a player’s point of view you should think of the following scenario – playing at an online casino against real competitors and winning only to find out that your poker opponents was younger than 18. This is surely not a situation one would like to find himself in. ID verification can make sure that you are playing in a safe environment and that every regulation is followed.

OCA News Editor