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Online Casino Domain Trouble for Bodog

Bodog, one of the most popular and well known online gambling sites on the net, has been deprived from its previous domain name following a surprising court decision last month. The Bodog dot com domain was in the center of a patent-infringement suit that was filled against the gambling group and by a court decision the domain no longer belongs to the associated firm we all know and love. Bodog, of course, did not shut its doors but simply moved to a new location. Domain names for virtual casinos are like addresses or street names for a land-based operation. In the virtual era when everything is online, domain names are very important.

One of the most important things for any online business is the ranking it gets on top of search results. If someone searches for an online casino using Google’s search, then the sites that rank high on the list will probably be selected by that someone. Ranking high means the world for anyone featuring online services. If users can’t find you, then you simply don’t exist. Building high rankings on Google takes time and efforts and it has a lot to do with technical procedures. Switching domain names, for instance, isn’t recommended for someone with high rankings. Many people in the online casinos industry believed that Bodog’s ranking will be severely damaged as a result of the move, but they were wrong.

Many different sites across the web feature links to Bodog’s site and most of them already changed the data on their site to work with the new domain name. This means that all the sites that previously directed users to Bodog dot com are now directing web traffic to the new location of the online casino and thus its Google ranking should be doing well.

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