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Online Casino Site Launches New Mobile Platform

Mfuse, leading mobile gambling technology developer, will operate Stan James’ new mobile gambling operation, as stated by the Gibraltar-based bookmaker during the announcement of the new service. Stan James is a famous bookmaker with a large gambling customer base. The new mobile service will cater for the growing number of customers playing at James’ online gambling operation. The mobile platform is designed to give people the ability to place bets from anywhere anytime. This kind of experience is called an ‘in-running’ gambling experience and you can try it now if you like.

The online casino sports betting site is considered to be an innovative and experimenting website. Using a mobile platform fits perfectly with the business ethos of the company, as Peter Fisher, Chief Executive Officer for Stan James, explained. Players are now able to place bets while watching TV, when they are sitting in a pub or while on a train. This gives online gambling a whole new shape and feel that will be examined using the new product. Let’s say you are watching the news on the TV and you realize that a sports event is about to take place. Instead of getting up and checking the wagers list at the online casino – you could simply use your mobile phone and place a bet right away.

The mobile gambling world has been developing and growing at impressive rates. Some of the optimistic predictions talk about an industry of $12 billion by 2010. Currently, there are more people using mobile devices for internet access than ever before. Recent statistics, quoted by Stan James, from comSocre and Telephia indicate that about 6 million people used a mobile device for internet connection in the United Kingdom. People want to take their internet activities on the road with them.

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