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Mobile Casino Gambling to Growth by 2010

Jupiter Research, which specializes in market research, has been conducting a new study about the mobile casino market. According to the study’s findings, it is expected that a sub-industry mobile market worth $12 billion will be developed by 2010. The online gambling industry is known to be a growing field with new investment channels popping up every now and then. People who followed the industry would not be surprised if the study turns out to be a precise prediction of things to come.

The expected growth is attributed to the development of new technologies, of course. The introduction of mobile payment methods will turn the mobile market into a money maker and accelerate its development. Besides technology, another element is considered imperative for the success of the online casino mobile front – the liberalization of gambling laws across the world. Researchers believe that Europe, with the United Kingdom leading the process, is heading towards a new era of online gambling policies and legislation; a positive era. While online casino games are among the hottest sectors of online gambling via the internet, the largest growth in gambling through mobile devices will occur in the area of mobile lotteries. By the year 2010, the study predicts a total sum of 380 million people to be using mobile devices for lottery gambling purposes.

“Mobile lotteries have already experienced significant levels of adoption in the Far East, while we envisage that European state lotteries will increasingly embrace the mobile environment in the medium term,” said Dr Windsor Holden, who is responsible for the new study. Holden is surprisingly optimistic. In his view, if the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is abolished in the United States, then mobile gambling will become a major success in the American market, even larger than the predictions for Europe and the Far East.

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