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Spiderman and The Fantastic Four Heading Your Way

Comic fans would be happy to learn that CryptoLogic, leader of online casino technology development, has signed an agreement with Marvel Comics under which the online casino turnkey provider will bring the Marvel Super Heroes into the world of online casino gambling. Themed casino games are a major hit all over the world, and now, the characters of Spiderman and The Fantastic Four will also be part of the wonderful and exciting world of internet play. CryptoLogic will hold the exclusive rights for the figures until 2010; giving us plenty of new games in the meanwhile.

The online gambling firm has released several slot machines with Marvel characters before; however, Spiderman and The Fantastic Four were not listed. Online casinos throughout the world feature casino games themed with Hulk, Daredevil, Blade, The Punisher, Thor, X-Men, Silver Surfer, Elektra, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider already make the lives and casino experiences of many into unforgettable adventures. CryptoLogic are known for their passion for innovation and their constant search for new ways at making the world of online casino gambling even better than it is.

“Today’s sophisticated Internet casino players have told us they want more choice, more excitement and more chances to win – and with Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four, WagerLogic delivers. Together, we are delivering great games and great entertainment – and breaking new ground in licensing branded content for the Internet gaming world,” said a highly ranking Director over at the online casino firm. And he is right. Players today are looking for new attractions. Playing the same game over and over again simply doesn’t cut anymore. The world of online gambling is now focusing at reinventing itself, and themed games are a great way of doing so.

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