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Online Casino Giant Signs with Mobile Developer

Rank Group plc, the owner of Blue Square and Grosvenor, has signed a new deal with the mobile technology firm Probability Games. The former is operating online casino operations that cater for hundreds of thousands of players around the world and this is surely one of the best deals Probability Games have ever landed. Judging by the past year in online casino gambling, this deal does not come as a surprise. The scenery is changing and firms are looking for new prospects and places to invest their large capitals.

Ben Warn, Commercial Director at Rank, said “As the gambling landscape evolves we have adopted new technologies and introduced more ways for our customers to interact with the Blue Square brand. The mobile gaming market is an emerging market with massive potential.” That’s exactly the point. People are looking for ways to gamble on the road. They do not want to be confined to personal computers or other static devices. Just think about it – how entertaining it could be to spend your train ride playing at an online casino. Life today is much more hectic then it used to be and many people only have free time on the road when traveling from or to the office.

The concept of mobile gambling comes hand in hand with the concept of mobile entertainment. Just as Sony released a mobile version of its hit gaming console, PlayStation, gambling groups should take mobile gambling to the next level and offer services with the same quality level that online gambling offers. Probability’s spokesperson said that the deal is looked at as the “tipping point” of the mobile sector and that from now on things will be different. Hopefully, this cooperation between an online casino giant and a mobile technology supplier will bring great things to the mobile and online gambling community.

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