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3D Screen Opens Door for Online Casino Attractions

Online casino gambling sites offer a unique experience that’s only getting better with age. As new technologies hit the market, the online gambling industry is first to adopt them and online gamblers enjoy the latest in online gaming and multiplayer communicating. Now, another gizmo will make your online casino experience better than it was. San Diego’s Neurok Optics has launched the first ever widescreen 3D monitor. The monitor uses stereoscopic 3D technology combined with polarized eyeglasses that gives the viewer the feeling he is watching 3D objects. Just think of the possibilities that this screen can give the online gambling industry?

When wearing the special eyeglasses and using the new screen users will see images on the screen as sharp 3D objects emerging from the screen and in their direction. Online casinos today already succeed in bringing casino atmosphere to the PC, but with the new technology – online casinos will bring the look and feel of land based casinos right into your living room in 3D! Rotating roulette wheels, flying poker cards and rocking slot machines – all will come to life in blazing 3D graphics. Software developers could introduce 3D dealers that could interact with the player. 3D characters that simulate the presence of fellow players at the table would also be a nice idea. There are no limitations when 3D is available.

It will still take some time before online casino sites offer 3D adventures that uses the powers of the new screen, but we will get there. Special screen adapters are needed; however, any PC that runs the latest 3D games could handle casino software that features 3D elements. The casino platform will have to be fitted to take advantage of the new gadget, but what a ride it will be once online gambling is available in rocking 3D!

OCA News Editor