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GBP 25,000 Won on a Mobile Online Casino

We’ve been talking about the future of online gambling technology on several occasions and every time mobile gambling was mentioned. The future of the online casino industry is very hard to predict and we see new technological improvement all the time. Currently the online websites are ruled by video poker games and different table attractions. Things are not likely to change drastically at the online front. The mobile front however has a big potential for change. Not only the technology of the mobile era is advancing, but the prizes are growing as well.

A lucky player, using a mobile device and playing on a mobile online casino, won GBP 25,000 recently proving that mobile gambling is also a great source for jackpots and big wins. Online gambling on the web is known for the huge sums and many millionaires that it created a long the years, and now we see that mobile gambling also has the potential of making you a smiling. This is the second GBP 25,000 win in a very short time and this means that many players are going to use mobile gambling in the very near future. If something works, why not give it a try? That’s the spirit, and as more people use mobile platform for gambling, we will see new games and better offers accordingly.

The prize was won on the “Cash Casino” T-Mobile’s gambling service. The service had 60,000 visitors playing on its platform since its launch less than a year ago. These numbers will only keep growing as more players discover the mobile world. Currently, there are millions of people playing at online casino around the world and almost all of them are possible mobile clients. All it will take is to catch their attention, and two consecutive wins for GBP 25,000 will do exactly that.

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