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New Casino Poker Technology in the Horizon

Poker is very different from games like chess or checkers. While the latter consist of sets of certain rules, poker introduces situations of uncertainty. This is why poker was considered like a game that a computer would not be able to learn. Researches from the University of Alberta have proven otherwise with their Polaris system. The 16-years in the making software demonstrated impressive poker skills in a match against two of the best poker players in the world. Phil Laak and Ali Esmali faced the computer and won, but only after the computer had the upper hand during the first round.

The research team that leads this project believes that casinos in the future would be more like the computer they have developed. Instead of playing against a human dealer, players could play against computerized counterparts. Today, people play against casino software all time at online casino websites across the world, but these programs do not really challenge players. The video poker machines we know and love from the world of online gambling are very different from the Polaris system. While video poker games offer a predefined set of features, the Polaris system is actually “thinking” and making decisions as the game progresses. This is the kind of technology we might witness in land-based casinos in the future. The online gambling realm might be the first to adopt such system and make online casino playing much more challenging. It will take time before A.I of this magnitude is available for us online, but the concept is very interesting.

Online casinos could hold poker tournaments with their poker systems. Players could get a chance to battle the site’s master-software for high stakes, or even wager on a poker match between two such systems. The real cyber era is not here yet, but once computers become an even greater part of out lives – be sure that someone will find a way to make them a greater part of our gambling lives as well. Be it online casino gambling, or land based – we are in for a big change in the future.

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