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New Version for Hit Mobile Casino Platform

Spin3, developer of mobile casino software, has released the latest addition to its gaming portfolio. The newest version of GameWire, version 3.1, is now available for play and all you gambling buffs can start your playing right now. Spin3 is developing gambling platforms for mobile devices, rather than online play via the internet. Today, using your mobile phone or PDA you can access rich and entertaining gambling offers all the time. Mobile is the real magic of virtual gambling and the ability to gamble from anyplace anytime is what online gambling is all about. Spin3 is offering such an experience.

The new version of the software brings several updates. The most apparent is the improved user-interface. Playing virtual casino games through a mobile device is a different experience that the one you might be used to playing on the net. User interface is a highly important aspect of software development, and Spin3 have done a great job on the new version. The new technology is already being used by online gambling firms. Wild Jack Mobile Casino has decided to take the new platform for a “spin” and is currently offering gambling attractions based on the new version.

Under the new version, you don’t have to use the “casino lobby” function. This means that every casino game can be downloaded as is and you don’t have to download the entire collection in order to enjoy a single game. The player can use the same features that the lobby offered from inside the games and many more devices are supported. Mobile gambling is gaining popularity as time goes by and more people try out the new technology. The future of online gambling is unknown and there are many predictions to what will be the next big thing. Either way, mobile gambling is yet another way to enjoy the world of virtual casinos.

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