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More UK firms adopt ID Verification Software

As the need for a more regulated online gambling world increases, technology companies are answering the call. Three additional online booker makers, websites that offer online sports gambling, have licenses the services of an ID Verification firm. The service allows the gambling company to get additional information about their players so that responsible gambling only is practiced. The issue of online gambling legislation and regulation is growing in popularity and everybody is discussing whether online casinos should become legal. A technology that can ensure that young people are kept away from virtual casinos is a great contributor to the promotion of legal online casino websites.

As more and more firms become aware of today’s political needs – they want the technology that would help them appear legitimate in the eyes of a worried public. People want to play at safe online venues and they want to know that the site they are using is following all the guidelines and restrictions. Soon enough, gambling firms operating in the United Kingdom will have to get the UK Gambling Commission’s approval for their business. Having an ID Verification script as part of their gaming platform might prove to be a great plus.

The player might not even be aware that his ID is being confirmed. If one does not like to hand in his personal information, then he would not be able to play at the online casino. Think about it, if you don’t want people to know you are gambling – you do not attended land-based casinos. Why should online casinos be any different? The gambling technology checks address, names and birth dates and compares the information with shared databases. This way, people that have a known gambling problem would stay away from regulated online casinos. This is truly a small price to pay for a safer online gambling world.

OCA News Editor