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Australian Software Provider Expands into Europe

BEToptions, the Australian betting software developer is expanding into Europe. The remote online casino turnkey provider has probably realized that the European gambling market will be in the center of attention the next couple of years, and decided to act appropriately. David Grouse is going to be the new manager of European operations over BEToptions. Grouse bring 25-years of experience in the field and will head the company’s move into the European market.

The General Manager of the firm had this to say: “David has 25 years experience of sales, marketing and business development in the sports, publishing and gaming sectors, and he will no doubt lead our expansion and future growth in the UK and Europe.” The online gambling software provider reported that due to growing interest in the United Kingdom for the firm’s products, the time to open an office in Europe has arrived. Curently, the firm is supplying online gambling products to European clients and the new office will enable BEToptions to cater for these clients and offer better service. Online casino platforms are larger than before and usually offer different kind of gambling options. Service has become a big issue in the world of internet gambling.

Grouse worked for Victor Chandler International, a highly successful online casino firm based in Gibraltar. He filled the position of Marketing Director for two years and was in charge of the communications strategy that took the firm offshore. This was a big move for Victor Chandler, and BEToptions hopes that Grouse is the right man to lead their venture to Europe. Many firms are operating in the European market these days and great things are planned for the future. A location close to the action and being able to offer quick solutions and dynamic platforms for online casino firms will surely put BEToptions in a better position to fight the competition.

OCA News Editor