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Mobile Casino Travels to Spain

The saying “it’s only a matter of time” fits the online gambling industry like a glove. With the American market way in the past and the industry finally seeing the world as one big market, we can truly say that it’s only a matter of time before another barrier is lifted. This time it’s the mobile casino giant Zero36 who lifted another barrier and penetrated the Spanish market. The gambling firm is the sole provider of mobile casino offers in the Spanish market and hopefully, more firms will follow. Mobile casino gambling is not new at all, but the field is growing and expending.

There are many reasons to why mobile gambling is gaining popularity. First of all, technology now aims at mobility and people want to take their gambling with them wherever they go. Using your mobile devices to wager on your favorite sports book is an extremely important feature for today’s gambling fan. An additional reason has less to do with technology and more with the industry itself. Once the United States market became off-limits, firms began to look for new ways to generate revenues – and the mobile side of gambling emerged. All in all, we see more business coming this way and additional companies looking in the mobile gambling direction.

Zero36 joins forced with Genasys, an experienced provider of location-based services, and together they will offer about 30 mobile casino applications for the Spanish speaking public. All games will be translated into Spanish and gambling fans in Spain could experience a mobile gambling experience in their own language. The mobile platform also features elaborate taxation methods that will keep everything within the frame of the local law. ‘In addition, this system will support different taxation rates accordingly to the area where the user is located. This is necessary because gambling taxation rates vary throughout Spain,’ said the company’s spokesperson.

OCA News Editor